SBX Capital SBX Capital


Year founded 2018
company founders Adrian Lai Drey Ng Oscar Yeung
HQ Hong Kong

There are two types of industries – ones of yesterday and ones of tomorrow. The ones of yesterday will be turned upside down by technology. The ones of tomorrow will have technology at their core. At SBX Capital, we’re betting on the companies shaping our tomorrow.

Meet the Founders

Adrian Lai, Drey Ng, Oscar Yeung

Adrian Lai is the CEO of Liquefy. Before being an entrepreneur, Adrian held various roles at BlackRock, including retail and private banks sales and marketing, as well as ESG. Drey Ng is the Chief of Product, and he’s also the founder of Linear Finance. Oscar Yeung is the Chief Operating Officer of Liquefy and also the co-founder of Convergence Finance.