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Year founded 2015
company founders Allison Lee
HQ New York
Website www.hemster.co

Hemster is modernizing the tailoring industry by providing alteration and tailoring services to brand name retailers across the country. Their mission is to provide a unique tailoring experience while also revitalizing the tailoring community. Hemster wants to make retailers create a tailored size from the off-the-rack inventory by using the Hemster Perfect Fit Platform. Hemster’s RulerSticker allows customers to capture their measurements at home, or wherever they shop. The Hemster Platform consequently collects personalized fit data to offer an omni-channel solution.

Meet the Founder

Allison Lee

Allison Lee was surprised that on-site alterations were not part of the common shopping experience in the US. Hemster was the fruit of Allison’s culture shock. Before launching Hemster, she was the Director of Monetization at the home entertainment and control software company Peel.