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Year founded 2018
HQ California

Braintrust is a user-controlled talent matchmaker which aligns the interests of both freelancers and enterprises – all with the help of blockchain. On Braintrust, organizations ensure budgets go 2-3 times further by cutting out unnecessary, expensive middle men. On the other end, the tokenized network allows talent to retain 100% of their market rate, no matter where they’re located.

Meet the Founders

Adam Jackson, Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski and Brian Flynn

One day Adam Jackson, a serial tech entrepreneur, woke up and said to himself: The way we work is broken. His friend Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski, who spent his entire career investing in marketplaces, felt the same; thinking there must be a better way to go about work, and that way was Braintrust. Brain Flynn is also a serial entrepreneur and investor focused on the software, digital media and mobile sectors. Brian alone has invested and co-founded 28 companies.